Football, Food and Francis Bourgeois

Posted on 20th May, 2022

It has been a very busy Week with the camera, photographing charity football matches, Food and meeting celebrities.


Welcome to Shrewsbury Francis Bourgeios!


Francis is a English train enthusiast and socila media personality 

most known for his videos posted on instagram and Tiktok on the topic of trains.

He began making TikTok videos on trainspotting during  Covid 19. In October 2021, he was featured on the ITV daily magazine show This Morning. Bourgeois is a student at the University of Nottingham studying engineering. He quit his job in November 2021 to pursue trainspotting full-time.

Charity football matches.


May the 14th saw Yeovil Town legends celebrate the life of the Clubs former striker Adam Stansfield, as well as in the memory of some of the well-known faces around the club who have made a huge impact on YTFC.

After many years of deliberation of wanting to get the Conference winning team back for one more game, the decision was made by former player Kevin Gall to reach out to the club and make this happen.

Mike Cairncross and a group of fans have been doing incredible work over the last few years in support of the Adam Stansfield Foundation and with the YTFC v. ECFC fans game taking part on Huish Park pitch in 2020, held in memory of Adam Stansfield 10 year anniversary and subsequently we wanted to create a huge event for the club, the town of Yeovil and the whole South West.

I was delighted to be asked to cover both games.

Magnifecent Menu


I was delighted to be asked to go down to Cardiff on May the 16th and take photos for my work company, Transport For Wales (TFW)

Well done to all the TFW chefs and also the local Cardiff College chefs who put together some exceptional courses.

Look out for some of these from Decembers timetable change on the Mk4 services across the TFW rail network.

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